Roast chicken in 4 spices and in apples

Roast chicken in 4 spices and in apples

Roast chicken in 4 spices and in apples

(spices and apples Roasted chicken with 4)

A roast chicken in 4 spices, completed to change the classic roast chicken. I added it apples because they get married well to spices. A beautiful free-range chicken, spices, apples and it’s done.

For 4 people.

Setting-up time: 15 mn.
Cooking time: 55 mn.


– 1 beautiful roast chicken farmer red label, for me a yellow chicken.
– 1 coffee spoon of 4 spices.
– 3 onions.
– 3 beautiful apples Pink Lady.
– 1/2 thorough coffee spoon of poultry.
– 40 g of butter.
– Salt, pepper.

Unstick the skin of the chicken and insert a little spices. Mass(massage) the chicken with the rest to make well penetrate into spices into the skin.

Arrange the chicken in an oven-proof dish. You can add a soup spoon of liquid honey if you wish.

Preheat the oven in 215°C.

Peel apples and onions and cut them in 4, arrange them in the dish(flat) around the chicken.

Add the bottom of poultry and a little water (approximately 1 cm).

Salt, pepper.

Cut the butter and distribute him(it) on the chicken.

Put in the oven for 55 mn at the 1 am.

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